What Steve Wozniak has to say about Self-Driving Cars

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple has got a lot to say on Self-Driving Cars. Against the question of what he would like to see in Autonomous Cars, his reply was relatively direct and simple – I’d like to have one that drives on its own, without a steering wheel. He also added that he doesn’t see that happen anytime soon. Steve also believes in Self-Driving Cars being affordable. They should never be restricted to the elite and the rich people alone, but should also be accessible and affordable to every section of the society. He also sticks to the firm belief that, the Apple Car, like the iPhone, would be so different and far ahead of the competition and that he hopes that Apple would make a Self-Driving car without any steering wheels so that you can even send your kids to school in it.

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Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple

In an interview with the CNBC, he mentioned that the idea of Tesla putting a ‘Beta’ label on the Autopilot is something he was completely against. Also, the fact that Tesla makes a lot of mistakes is a further cause that melts his confidence in Tesla. He added that people are now more aware of watching the road than ever with the Autopilot in a Tesla and that this goes completely against the idea of Autonomous Technology. The Autopilot technology can be useful in certain ways though. He himself bought a Tesla hoping to become a part of the big leap into Autonomous Driving but he eventually gave up because Tesla wasn’t able to deliver that they had promised. Steve also said that Tesla Autopilot is not actually Autonomous Navigation.

Tesla is a great car feature-wise, Chevrolet Bolt would be better but, he added. The fact that Steve likes in Tesla is that it is the perfect fit for long drives such as travel between cities since it has the highest number of charger support between cities as compared to others. Tesla owns the world in terms of having charging points all throughout the most part of the United States. Superchargers from BMW and other prominent automakers are only for rides within cities. He feels more confident in taking cross country rides with a Tesla rather than any other Electric Car.

There was also a time when Steve would actually have Apple acquire Tesla, in lieu of the tremendous amount of progress that Tesla has been making in the field of Autonomous Navigation. Autonomous Navigation is something which is currently spreading like wild fire, with almost all major Auto Manufacturers currently involved in the rolling the big machine.

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