Why the Tesla Model X has the Lowest Rollover Rate

Tesla Model X, branded as one of the safest SUVs on the planet is almost impossible to be rolled over during the unfortunate event of an accident.

Though Tesla creates one of the most innovative and technologically advanced cars of the current time, they have always given equal importance to making the world a better place by implementing the concept of Sustainable Mobility and Safety in all of their cars.

When it comes to SUVs, especially the tall ones, the main concern is the probability of rollover during crashes. However, with the Model X, you need not actually cook your brains too much on this issue.

Model X has been long known for achieving the highest standards in crash tests. It is currently the only SUV to achieve a 5-star rating in all categories and sub-categories from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Video Source – DPCCars YouTube

As you can see from the above video, in all the three rollover test attempts, it was not possible to roll over the Model X. Third time is definitely not the charm in the case of the Model X. Even though the Car was nearly rolled off the third time, it was able to slip back to the steady position.

Why the Model X cannot be rolled over?

The lowest Roll Over Probability of the Model X is attributed to the presence of the large battery located at the bottom back side. The presence of this heavy battery pack in the bottom of the car lowers the center of gravity of the car thereby reducing the probability of rollover during the unfortunate event of an accident.

For those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, the Center of Gravity is the average location around which the majority of the weight of a body is concentrated. Lower the center of gravity, lower is the point of concentration of weight for that particular body.

Center of gravity plays a crucial role in deciding the probability of rollover of any vehicle. This is why bigger vehicles such as the SUVs and freight carrying trucks are more viable of being rolled over during accidents or while taking close corners.

Tesla also mentioned that even in the internal crash tests conducted at their end, they were unable to roll over the Model X.

Apart from having the lowest probability of rollover ratio among SUVs, the Model X also has other frameworks built-in to reduce casualties during crashes. Impact Protection Frameworks (Front and Side),  Autopilot, Automatic Emergency Braking Systems, and boron steel reinforced Aluminium body are other precautions built-in to reduce the chances of casualties during crashes or reduce the occurrence of crashes itself.