Xbox Series X Controller Review – All You Need to Know


Xbox Series X controller was released along with the latest Xbox versions, the Series X and Series S. While it works with both the Series S and X, we will be addressing it as the Xbox Series X controller throughout the review.

Read on for a detailed review of the Xbox Series X controller, and how it differs from the previous generation Xbox One controller.

Xbox Series X Controller Design is Not Entirely New

First impressions of the Xbox Series X Controller places it as a slight improvement over its previous generation.

The whole controller is made of mat black plastic shell and comes in two primary colours – carbon black and robot white. It retains the pairing button on the top and two ports at the bottom – one for connecting Xbox chat pad and the other one, the audio jack for connecting wired headphones. Most people still use wired headphones during gaming for delay free listening experience. Hence, it’s a good thing Xbox retained its audio jack in the current world of wireless earphones.

Notable aspects of the design include the controller being slightly bigger and heavier than the previous generation, presence of mat textured finish on the back and the trigger buttons, and an all-black Xbox button that lits up when in use. Textured finish was earlier restricted to only special edition controllers. But with the Series X controller, Xbox has made it a standard feature.

xbox series x controller

Since there are no significant changes in the looks, positioning of the buttons or even the functionalities, Xbox users will have no issues navigating and using the new Series X Controller right away.

Xbox Series X Controller Provides Slightly Improved Gameplay Experience

Though the new generation Xbox Series X Controller carries very little changes from its immediate predecessor, some of the updates does make a positive impact on gaming experience.

The share button in the new controller, for example, is really convenient for taking screenshots or recording gameplays. Single click using the share button takes a screenshot, whereas long press starts recording gameplays. The share button makes it very easy to use Xbox’s sharing applications on the go. Though the share button is customisable, it can only be mapped to video recording related functionalities.

The Series X controller will have slightly longer battery life. This is because the controller uses Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless connectivity. Low energy bluetooth connectivity consumes lesser battery as compared to normal bluetooth connectivity.

With the Series X wireless controller, gamers should be seeing faster responses. Faster response is attributed to Dynamic Latency Input, a feature that pings the controller more frequently for faster responses.

Xbox Series X Controller vs Xbox One Controller

Xbox Series X controller differs from the Xbox One controller in having slightly higher dimensions, textured grip, share button for screenshots/screen recording, USB-C port, and a tad longer battery life.

Owing to a bigger size, and textured grip, the Xbox Series X controller is more convenient to hold than the Xbox One controller. This is particularly useful for gamers with sweaty hands.

The analogue stick heads in Xbox Series X controller are deeper placed than the Xbox One controller. This gives more space to put your fingers making it easier to move the stick around. The D-Pad in the Xbox Series X controller looks premium and is more clickable than the D-Pad in the Xbox One controller.


Overall, Xbox Series X controller is a slight improvement over the Xbox One controller. At this point, the advice to Xbox One controller users is not to upgrade to the Xbox Series X controller as the upgrade may not provide a profound change in gaming experience.

Xbox Series X Controller Pricing remains more or less similar

The new generation Xbox controller comes with the bundle pack of Series X and Series X. But, those of you planning to upgrade your existing Xbox One controller can get Series X controller at $59.99 for the carbon black and robot white variants. Special edition variants are much more expensive and goes upto $179.99.