Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm Review

Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm is a Smart Home Security Kit comprising of House monitoring devices, each of which is suitable for securing a particular location in your Smart Home. It is currently available in various Kit packages. Each Kit has different devices smart devices packed in them. You can choose the Kit based on your use cases.

One distinguishing feature of the Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm that sets it apart from other Smart Home Security products is its Modularity, ie its ability to be connected and configured with other Security Modules. It can be linked with other Yale Smart Home Products (Yale Smart Door Lock or Smoke Detectors, for example) and made to work as a single connected system that fulfills a lot of use cases with respect to Home Security.

A typical Starter Kit of the Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm comes equipped with the following accessories –

  • Smart Hub
  • Motion Detectors
  • Keypad
  • Door/Window Contacts
  • Siren

The Smart Hub essentially acts as the central control unit for facilitating interactions among the other components. It acts a communication between your Smartphone and other security components in the kit as well. It is also the only part of the Yale Sync Alarm system which requires a wired connection – you will need to connect to your network via an ethernet cable. Hence this necessitates the presence of a broadband connection in your home. All other devices can be connected and configured wirelessly.

Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm

Smart Hub

The Hub needs to be plugged into both your broadband connection as well as the power supply in order for it to function. The Hub comes configured with a battery backup thereby ensuring the functioning of the Alarm System even when the power goes off, or to put in a more robust manner – when thieves cut down the power supply.

The Motion Detectors can be placed at various points in the house, preferably at those points where burglars or thieves are most likely to sneak in. However, the positioning of the Motion Detectors in the house must be done after utmost thoughts since these motion detectors can be activated with even the slightest of movements. So areas, where you are possible to wander amidst the night are better avoided – areas near the refrigerator or the dining table where you might walk up in the night for a glass of water.

Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm

Door/Window Contacts

The Door/Window Contacts can either be screwed or stuck into the Window Panes using their sticky surfaces. In order to avoid the possibility of the contacts gripping down due to the stickiness being worn off with time, it would be a wise choice to screw the contacts.  Once the alarm is armed, the opening of doors or windows sets off the siren, informing the residents of a possible breach.

Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm


The Keypad acts similar to a Remote Control and can be used for controlling the Alarm. It can be used to arm as well as disarm the Yale Sync Alarm System. The Alarm Disarming functionality is particularly helpful when you yourself get the alarm triggered by either walking into areas where the Motion Sensors are mounted or while opening the doors or windows of the house. The Keypad also becomes handy when you have to sound an emergency alarm as well. The numbers in the keypad are used to input the passcode in the event of disarming the Yale Sync Alarm.

Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm

PIR Camera

The Yale Sync can also be paired with a PIR Video Camera to get a visual of the breached area. The Camera does not output any high-resolution images as such is not a replacement to any video camera, but is decent enough to get a view of what is going on. It can record video or take images when the alarms are triggered.

You can also configure other Security Modules such as Pet PIR Motion Detector and External Alarm Box. The Pet PIR Motion Detector is suitable for Smart Homes with pets as it only triggers the alarm when it detects motion from objects weighing more than 2kgs. The External Alarm Box can be used as a potential medium to notify your neighbors of a possible breach in your home.

Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm

Key Fob

Key Fob, resembling a keychain has similar functions as the Keypad. It can also be used to arm, disarm or sound emergency alarms. It is highly compact in terms of the size enabling you to easily carry the same in your pocket or along with the set of your home keys.

One of the key highlights of the Yale Sync Smart Home Security Alarm is the feature that allows the user to control the Alarm System remotely using the Yale App.  You can arm and disarm remotely from almost anywhere through the application. You are also notified, through the app, when one of the sensors are breached, even when you are not at home. However, one point to note here is that in case of a power failure, though the alarm system continues to function, you will not able to connect to Yale Sync via the App. This is one drawback of the Yale Sync Smart Alarm.

The Yale Sync comes compatible with the Amazon Alexa so that you can now ‘Ask’ the Yale Sync to arm or disarm the system. The Alexa support can be activated by downloading the appropriate Alexa Skill for the same. It is also compatible with Philips Hue Smart Lights. Hence once an alarm is triggered, you can configure the lights to turn on automatically, exposing the thieves to the light.

Overall, the Yale Sync Smart Home Security alarm is a good package when it comes to monitoring the security of your Smart Home. You can get the full list of Yale Smart Alarm packages hereYou can browse through and pick the package that bests suits your needs.

If you are looking to secure your Smart Home, it will be worthwhile to go through Smart Home Security Products.